New Flyer ALIES Campaign.

Sponsorship for ENSIL Campaign
Stichting ENSIL is very happy to announce that P&P Productions has offered a sponsorship to support our Campaign ALIES: A Library in Every School.


Write wise and support the good cause!

Can you read this? Yes, this might be obvious for you. But, in Europe there are tens of thousands children with a language deficiency. You can change that by buying the latest pen on the market. [Link not working: JRR] 10% of the total order will be donated to Stichting ENSIL. This Foundation aims for a library in every school (for more information check the website).

From EUR 0,49 per piece. For ordering, please visit [Link not working: JRR]

Thanks in advance from Stichting ENSIL and all the supported children!
HYPESALES [Link not working: JRR] & ENSIL.

Alies was initiated by ENSIL in collaboration with IFLA School Libraries and Resource Centers and IASL.

A Library in Every School Download here the ALIES proclamation as PDF. 


A Library For Every School – Virtual version:  Open publication on ISSUU.

UMA BIBLIOTECA PARA CADA ESCOLA – Portuguese translation of ‘A Library for Every School’:  Open publication – on ISSUU.

A Library for Every School Proklamacja “BIBLIOTEKA W KAŻDEJ SZKOLE” – Polish Version:  Open publication – on ISSUU.

One School – One Library – One Librarian
South African Campaign to improve education. The campaign includes a flyer and an open letter to President Zuma:  Open publication – on ISSUU.

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